I am an experienced Website Content Manager with extensive Intranet, Website, SAP and Social media experience.  I have a wide range of technical skills also significant client side communication skills, working closely with in house IT, Legal, Communications, Marketing, Customer Services, General Public as well as several external Web and Digital agencies.  I am reliable, enthusiastic and dedicated, with the ability to work individually or as part of a team.  I’m looking for a position that will enable me to utilise the Website Support, Communication and Technical skills I have acquired whilst delivering web based consumer, business to business and employee communication solutions.

Main Career Achievements

  • During my current position at Warwickshire County Council I was involved with migrating and transferring content off Lotus Notes cms to WordPress cms. During this process, I was responsible for managing large numbers of pages for a range of audiences, working to tight deadlines and targets over a prolonged period. I also trained and supported over 100 Authors by setting up drop in sessions and provided general technical and communication support.  

  • At Warwickshire County Council I ran monthly usability testing sessions, focusing on a different public service area off the website each month.  Following each test, I assisted in analysing the results and contributed suggestions for improvements, such as the the 'Tip finder' and improved content on the Registration service pages.

  • I developed my web support skills using the Shadomx content management system and I also developed and delivered a training programme which was used to transfer the necessary skills for day to day web administration to colleagues in Marketing, Communications and Technical Support.

  • My first project was to design and build Premier Foods’ first intranet.  I was also a key member of a small Application Development team which designed and created 3 corporate web sites and project managed the relaunch of the company Intranet.

  • In April 2011 I was involved at all stages of a business critical project to co-promote Premier Foods’ impressive range of brands to consumers using social media, TV advertising and media PR.  The launch cost for the project was over £1m. The web site developed for this project can be seen at http://www.Greatlittleideas.com. This site attracts approximately 110,000 views per month.

  • Two years ago I managed a project to centralise web site hosting for Premier Foods.  Premier Foods’ programme of acquisitions had resulted in hundreds of brand web sites (e.g. Oxo, Hovis, Sharwoods, Ambrosia, Quorn, etc.) which had to be monitored and maintained.  I drove all stages from the Project Definition phase through requirements planning, to delivery whilst ensuring minimal disruption to the business.

  • I was closely involved in supporting Premier Foods’ £6m SAP Implementation Project. Firstly on a stream to create an internal micro-site to hold all project documentation and information, then in a fully documented handover to the site editors.  I also played a key role in the cProjects and cFolders work stream following the SAP standard project process from Blueprinting, Rationalisation, Development, Test Scripts, UAT, Deployment, Go Live and Early Life Support.